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Club Background

Club Background
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TRAC's Goals:
1. Unite Local Reefkeepers:
TRAC strives to build relationships in the local reefkeeping community. We want to help hobbyists, stores and other people involved in saltwater get to know each other and share knowledge.
2. Educate New and Experienced Hobbyists Alike:
Ask anybody who has been in the hobby for a long time - reefkeeping is a relatively young hobby, and things are changing rapidly. By bringing new and experienced hobbyists together, we combine experience and new ideas to help advance the hobby.
3. Help Preserve the World's Natural Reefs by Promoting Aquaculture:
As saltwater enthusiasts, we should be aware of how our hobby affects the environment AND how we can get healthier corals. Aquaculture not only helps to prevent wild animals from being harvested, but provides us with healthier, more adaptable animals for our home aquariums.

History of Our Club

TRAC held its first meeting in November of 2008. We look forward to learning and growing over the coming years!
We welcome visitors and children at all of our events. We would love for you to come and get to know our members.

Photo by Billy (Aquatica)